Outperform with decision augmentation from Sourse

Sourse is a decision augmentation platform for business and IT leaders that want to make data-backed decisions with confidence.


Optimise the telco customer lifecycle from acquisition through to churn using decision support tools that deliver actionable insights, experimentation, and automation with prebuilt and pretrained AI models.

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Personalisation centred around audience and content predictions, and leading-edge AI recommendations to support ad-funded and subscription entertainment business models.

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Market insights and property market data combined to provide a data backdrop for energy brands wanting to improve their planning choices and improve the decisions made throughout their customer lifecycle.

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Helping our clients outperform with data-driven decisions.

AI and data science delivered as a service

Accelerate AI adoption using prebuilt, pretrained models engineered for your industry use cases. AI is used for decision support with strategic planning, and for ‘always on’ optimisation of KPIs such as churn.

Data-driven decisions are better

Prediction within 60 days

Accelerate AI. 60 days to prediction and 90 days to automation.

+95% accurate decisions

Increase reliability and scalability of decision-making – with greater accuracy.

Compound business benefits

Always on management to optimise KPIs simultaneously and better manage CAPEX & OPEX.

Decisions made with data – not gut

60% of major decisions are based on gut, not data.
Forward-thinking IT and business leaders want to change that.


Some data, some experience and lots of gut


100% of available used: every decision optimised


Prebuilt connectors with major cloud ecosystem vendors to automate experiments and optimisations.

  • 47% reduction in churn over 18 months

    “I didn’t believe it was possible to have this much impact on churn.”

    – Leading Australian MVNO

  • 96% accuracy on prediction

    “Incredible accuracy.”

    – Fixed Provider with Cable TV service

  • Multi-million-dollar yield improvement

    “Unlocked value that we couldn’t have anticipated.” 

    – Fixed & mobile service provider 

Our team

Dedicated to customer success, the team is all about our purpose, product, technical innovation and, most importantly, our client outcomes.

A picture of Matt Jones, the CEO

Matt Jones

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20+ years’ experience in Australia’s leading telco brands. Global leadership roles in SaaS and technology businesses. Founder of Australian MVNO, OVO, SourseAI, and passionate disruptor across technology and business domains.

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A picture of Tanya Hyams Young, the CPO

Tanya Hyams-Young

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20+ years’ experience in global telco and technology brands. Leadership roles in business transformation and digital product and service delivery. Evangelist for decision augmentation and inspired to deliver client outcomes through AI and data.

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A picture of James Hartwright, the CTO

James Hartwright

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25 years’ experience enabling media, energy and telco businesses through technology and transformation. Specialist in the growing domain of customer data platforms, customer value management, and marketing technologies.

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A picture of Doug Wright, the Head of Integration & Data

Doug Wright

Principal Platform Engineer
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PhD qualified with 20+ years’ experience in software engineering. Highly specialised in software development for telcos and social / media businesses. Industry-changing work combining data science and process applications to design and build the Sourse AI platform.

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A picture of A picture of Henrik Pertander, the Head of Data Science

Henrik Petander

Chief Data Scientist
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PhD qualified data scientist with 15+ years’ experience in research, data modelling, and data science. Pioneering machine learning techniques to improve business adoption of data science in telcos, energy, and media clients.

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A picture of Sebastien Ardon, the Head of Platforms

Sebastien Ardon

Head of Platforms
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PhD qualified software engineer with 20+ years’ experience. 10+ years in R&D, innovating in recommendations and media distribution. Highly specialised in the explainability of AI and visualisation of AI and complex data sets.

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Yi Liu

Data Scientist

Irene Rix

Data Scientist

Tom Black

Data Scientist

Joe Allen

Data Scientist

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