Mobile recommerce experts Moorup have partnered with SourseAI, the leading AI platform for decision augmentation for telcos and e-tailers, to optimise their entire value chain and level up KPI management.

SourseAI’s market leading AI platform – Sourse – will support Moorup in their mission to transform the secondary device industry by providing accurate and timely data which allows Moorup to optimally collect, process, price and distribute used devices to new users. 

Moorup CEO, Brett Burgess, said “SourseAI’s proven machine learning models were the natural and obvious choice given their deep understanding of ecommerce.” 

Sourse uses hundreds of indicators to enable Moorup to calculate the buy back and resale price of devices, mitigating risk and maximising value. Sourse also allows Moorup to surface the best products for customers on its online refurbished electronics marketplace, Hulii which not only helps customers get what they want, but also drives higher conversion rates for professional sellers.

Moorup CEO, Brett Burgess, said “In our first view of the dashboard we’ve been able to compare conversion rates across all our sellers and use this information to make changes to the way we promote sellers and products, leading to an uplift in overall conversion and revenue.”

“In addition, the SourseAI dashboard provides us with insights into the times of day people purchase the highest value devices which enables us to tailor marketing efforts and increase average cart value per cost per click customer.”

“This makes SourseAI a critical partner in our mission to transform the secondary device industry from one that relies on manual assessments and spreadsheets to one that is driven by advanced technology and analytics,” said Burgess. 

SourseAI CEO, Matt Jones, said “partnering with SourseAI ensures Moorup can accurately forecast across their KPIs, enabling them to predict when they need to resupply, how much stock they need to store and optimal pricing.

“This means Moorup can optimise their entire value chain from supply to sales, benefiting all the domain owners in the business, and ensuring data literacy among the decision-making team,” he said. 

In addition to forecasting, SourseAI will empower Moorup with other capabilities including:

  • Anomaly detection to identify variations in KPIs relative to forecast
  • Automated dynamic cohort assignment to better identify and understand customers
  • KPI dashboards to predict stock required, optimise pricing via ecommerce, optimise CPA through digital marketing and drive improved order value through ecommerce channels

SourseAI brings leading AI tools and techniques to enable businesses like Moorup to optimise strategic decision making and personalise every customer transaction simultaneously. 

Chief Executive Officer Matt Jones, +61 410 077 557
Chief Executive Officer Brett Burgess, + 61 419 004 823,

About SourseAI
SourseAI is an AI innovator that has combined applied AI and industry based models into a SaaS decision augmentation platform – Sourse. Leading ecommerce, telcos, utilities and entertainment brands use Sourse to drive the adoption of data informed decision making. Sourse boosts KPI improvement using AI decision support tools for forecasting, causal insights and scenario planning, as well as machine learning models to address common industry problems, such as, customer retention, churn and yield. Sourse integrates with systems such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Zuora and Genesys to enable every customer interaction to be personalised using accurate predictions about customer behaviour, intent and possible treatments, using both client data and competitive market insights built per industry.

About Moorup
Moorup is an Australian technology company, whose mission is to extend the lives of electronic devices, helping bring Connectivity to Unconnected Consumers. Since our formation in 2018 we have focused on offering recommerce solutions to help make the mobile industry sustainable. Our team of experts utilise their networks across the entire mobility value chain to buyback, renew, recycle, donate and sell devices through various corporate, retail and wholesale channels locally and globally.

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